Important info for private clients with documents to serve


1. Please Call Us First

We do not give price quotes or arrange services for private individuals over email. Please call us first at 250-585-2025 to discuss the details of your service.

2. We Can Not Give Legal Advice

We can only answer questions about serving your documents, not legal issues.

3. Know Your Deadlines

We need to know if there is a deadline for serving your documents.

4. Know Your Documents

Make a numbered list of the documents to be served. We will need to know this information.

5. Information, Information, Information

The more information you can provide about the party(ies) to be served, the better! Home address, work address, phone numbers, vehicles driven, their schedule, nicknames, can all help. I f you have access to a picture of the party to be served, please include it as well.

6. Getting Us The Documents

Private clients from out of town can email their documents to or mail them to Reliable Document Services at Suite 115 - #101-5170 Dunster Road, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 6M4.

Private Clients from the Nanaimo area are also welcome to drop their documents in our courthouse box at the Nanaimo Court Registry at 35 Front Street, Nanaimo, BC.